On Monday I completed ** sessions at The New York Chiropractic Life Center, and I must tell you that I have literally seen a world of difference from when I first started sessions with yourself and your associates, beginning on *** of last year. I have literally seen an entirely different person emerge from what you've done for me. I honestly do not expect you to believe how you have transformed me, but that is what has happened. As I've related to you, I have always suspected there was just something missing with me. I have worked and studied hard. I've had plenty of ambition, but you've just put in place those building blocks of my humanness that were unfortunately absent. What I have readily seen is the following: 1. I am physically a much stronger person I can see this when I work out or anything that requires doing any physical activity. 2. I am incredibly more agile. Prior to my coming to you, I would need to greatly bend my knees in order to touch my toes. But now I can, with unbent knees literally touch the ground with curled fingers. 3. I know that I am much more grounded & centered as a person. To illustrate what I mean by this, I've noticed how I am able to accomplish so much more in my daily activities, and that it would take a lot more for something to unbalance me. And my sense of humor has greatly increased as well. 4. I am definitely healthier. For many years I've always gotten a very bad cold or some other illness during the winter. But this past winter all I got was one tiny little cold. Also, I was having from time to time some problems with my right knee, but that problem has completely been eliminated. 5. As you know I have been a ballroom dancer since 1978 and since 1985 I have been involved with the authentic Argentine tango, and from the adjustments, I'm able to execute tango material that I just couldn't prior to my coming to you. It's as if I've spent many months in Buenos Aires studying with the masters, and now I am able to dance movements I couldn't even think of doing 6. I am enormously pleased with tremendous improvement with my speech & voice. My voice is much freer, natural, and more refined, and I've readily observed that even my diction is greater. 2 I did suffer from aphonia when I was young. In fact I virtually lost the ability to speak for my entire junior year in high school. I've always know my problem wasn't stuttering, and I didn't develop any impediment until I was about sixteen, and I've also spent countless hours reading aloud and working on my diction and so forth, but what you have accomplished through the adjustments is amazing. I could have taken legions of hours with speech & voice trainers, and I have studied with people who are nationally known, but the problem always emanated from the inside, and that no amount of voice & speech work from the outside would have solved the problem. I believe the problem all along was the spinal cord being too tight about the vocal area. 7. Lastly, but I certainly believe ever so most importantly, is that I can readily see (I have trouble finding the exact wording) that I have become a more spiritually/psychologically stronger person. I do not believe I could have seen such improvement from any amount of sessions with world renowned therapists, psychologists, spiritualists, etc. It is as if someone had suffered from alcoholism or substance abuse for decades but no matter how much he tried to rid himself of a demon inside him, nothing seemed to work. But with chiropractic adjustments, he mastered that mastered that demon, as I have done. Again, Dr. Handt, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for all you've done for me. Feel free to use this letter in any way you wish. All the best,

Richard S.

I had always wanted to try chiropractic care, and I'm so glad I did. Dr. Handt's office is really one of my favorite places now! His staff is so nice and always accommodating to my busy schedule. I actually look forward to my appointments. When I was really busy and stopped seeing Dr. Handt for a few months, I felt my posture become much worse, and I just didn't feel as good as I did when I kept regular appointments. Now chriropractic care is really one more important part of what I do for myself to feel good - I eat well, I go to the gym, and I see Dr. Handt!


Mentioning to a close friend that I was troubled by some "twinges" in my neck-shoulder area (draft or computer posture?)she suggested I see her Chiropractor. Chiropractor? Those are the ones who yank your head from right to left so you feel it's coming off? No, she assured me, thi one is very gentle. So I called the office and was given an appointment for 1PM a few days hence. From that day, about 3 years ago, everything went swimmingly. I met a very handsome Dr. Jay Handt and his warm and friendly staff. Before any treatment, a careful evaluation and x-rays. Recommended: 3 visits per week, now reduced to one. Symptoms relieved and I look forward to the welcoming atmosphere in this office, offering coffee, cookies, candy appropriately decorated for whatever Holyday and samples of skeletons covering every available space. Altogether my once-a-week happy hour.


As a string instrument musician, in recent years my neck became misaligned. I recalled that in the early 1980's, after the birth of my baby, I was suffering from lower-back pain. I was fortunate to be helped by Dr. Handt's adjustments, advice and information. He even advised me about choosing a mattress and positions to enhance sleep. In those days I also brought in my child, my friends and my father to Dr. Handt . . . all of whom were also helped. My back pain was cured and I forgot all about it. But in 2005 when viola playing seemed to be deforming my neck, I remembered what Dr. Handt taught me about the spine and how Chiropractic prevents deterioration, and I resumed treatment at his center. If I had "before" and "after" photos of my head and neck in profile, I wouldn't have to say a word. Adjustments and the exercises Dr. Handt showed me improved my appearance more than I had expected. I also feel that with my head upright again that I've regained height! At age 66, I am straighter, more energetic and feel better than ever. I am very grateful to Dr. Handt and Chiropractic for these dramatic results!


If you've ever suffered from severe allergies and asthma, you know how frightening and life changing it can be. To my dismay, I had to control my condition with strong medications. Only then could I resume normal activities which included my dance career. However, that was not the initial reason why I visited Dr. Handt. While dancing I incurred a debilitating back injury. Five months of physical therapy resulted in no result and it was then that my friend recommended seeing Dr. Handt. My first visit relieved the pain so much that I was able to attend dance class once again. Coincidentally after two years of regular treatments, I noticed one pollen filled spring day that my lungs were unusually clear. Dr. Handt explained the benefits of chiropractic and how it can help alleviate asthma and allergies. He then suggested that if it was him he would try weaning himself off of the steroidal medication, which I decided to do. After twenty years I'm asthma free, slightly baffled and quite delighted. Now how's that!!!


N.Y. Chiropractic has made me more confident that my health is in good hands and that sudden visits to the M.D. are probably a thing of the past. I suspect N.Y. Chiropractic is adding years to my life!