I’ve been going to the New York Chiropractic Life Center for years. When I met my husband (a professional golfer), he started getting adjusted and not only started feeling amazing – his game improved! Our 2 year old son has been adjusted since birth and is super healthy and smart. I am expecting my second baby any time. I believe that being adjusted during my pregnancy (and my last one!) made my pregnancy easier all around (including labor)!
Chiropractic is a very important part of my family’s life and we are very grateful for the docs and staff at New York Chiropractic Life Center!

Morgan S.


My absolute FAVORITE place. I’m always greeted with the warmest hellos and how are you’s. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and I always feel amazing after getting adjusted. Plus I’m starting to notice the nerve pain subsiding. I highly recommend this establishment.

Anya Clarke


I can’t wait for my chiropractor appts I actually look forward to going to the doctor’s office. This a a really rare thing for me say. Usually I am dreading the doctors and the waiting area is like a nightmare. WELL, not at New York Chiropractic Life Center! I am excited to go, for so many reasons. When you walk in, it is like walking into your favorite family members living room. There is not one person on the staff that doesn’t know your name and welcomes you with a big smile and a warm hello. The atmosphere is open, caring, loving and full of laughter. You never want to leave! All this is before you go into to see any one of three amazing doctors. Dr. Jay, Dr. Josh and Dr. Nick make you feel so comfortable. They all take their time to educate you on the spin and really give you a true understanding on whats happening with yourself. They listen and you never feel rushed. The massage therapy with Daria is not like any other massage, it is an experience like no other. Her loving, caring and open atmosphere she creates, makes you want to stay forever.

Alexandra Gialaboukis 



I’m hooked to Chiropractic Life Center! Amazing chiropractors. I get adjusted by all of them depending of our schedules and I’m always happy. In duo with the massage therapy, I feel golden.

Rébéka Hutmaker


A warm, friendly atmosphere where I consistently receive thorough, attentive care and feel more aligned. Visits to New York Chiropractic Life Center are essential to my health and wellness; love this team! Thank you!

Worthy Stokes


When i first experienced back pain a few months ago, I went searching high and low for a good chiropractor. Thank god for the internet and help, because they led me to this establishment. Right from the start, I had a good feeling about this facility. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. They really and genuinely care about your health. From the receptionists to the doctors, they take the time to get to know you and care about your well being.

It’s been a few months of treatments/adjustments and I do feel better. They teach you also how to improve on your own. Although all the doctors are great, my favorite is Nick because of his humor. One interaction with him and he’ll brighten up your day.

I trust that once you step into the door, you would be in good hands.

Carmen Gong